we are living with nature in nature・自然とともに生きる

Ancient Pilgrimage Routs of Kumano・古代の祈り道 
  It takes about 600 kilometers from Kyoto and Settsu where there was a capital at that time to Hongu, about a month , to get there and down. During the journey pepple were on foot even though he was the Emperor.  After that, the pilgrimage of the Imperial family declined.  


  In 1281(Kamakura period), Emperor Kameyama visited to Kumano, it became the last time of retired emperor's pilgrimage to Kumano.
  However, the Kishu lord owner Tokugawa yorinobu maintained the old road included each oji and shrines in 1619 (Edo period)

 The tought of Kumano deity is regardless to visiter whatever they are
clean purity or not, regardless of believe in Kumano deity or although distrust, even they had different religion, the god of Kumano who accepted all people. After then Kumano pilgrimage had widespread to samurai and comon people. Many people visited and lined that was said the row of ants.  



There was a faith of a tolerance when we sweat and walk the rugged road and deep mountain, promising happiness of the afterlife.

The heart of Osettai is transmitted to Kumano. Osettai has a different meaning from the simply hospitality. When we meet to somebady who was in a fix because of hunger or incurable desease, to help them is thought that we can get our happiness to next life.
People who was blind and dumb like the Oguri-hangan, wandering women called Goze who were blind playing the shamisen walked and headed for Kumano. They beleaved to get happiness after life too.




 In Kumano, pilgrims hold hands together and pray to ghost called Gakiami and Hidaru Shin who were the soul of the dead that fell on the track.
In addition to the 99 Ojis, We also hold hands with the deities such as mountains, rivers, and the sea, and walks while doing the purification.

  I think it is the mindset that we are living with nature in nature. What is the attracts of Kumano that lasted 200 years in the Insei era and then from the Edo period to the present age?  I feel there is something that you can see by walking on a steep road and becoming one with nature. Please try walking by all means. (Michi)


  人は自然の中で自然と共に生かされているという考えかたです。 険しい道を歩き、大自然と一体になることで見えてくるものがある気がします。あなたも是非歩いてみてください。 
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