潮見峠のひるね王子で・Hirune Oji in Shiomi pass


 On May 15th, we walked the Shiomi pass. The following sentences are written by KIGA members. 
  After we got off a taxi, we started walking along the winding path leading up to the depths of the mountains. Spotting unfamiliar tiny flowers on the way, we enjoyed the refreshing smell of May breeze.
  We hiked about 2 hours and then finally found a suitable place for lunch.  
  It was an old building called a “cha-ya , or a teahouse in English. At the place, we happened to meet an elderly man, who is the owner of it and used to run.  
  We understood he seemed to be proud of being the land owner there. He said he would still like to entertain whoever drops by. He showed me his small pond full of red fish and his cage with two cute hamsters in. And he told me that he enshrines one of the sacred deities called “Hirune Oji” right next to the pond.
Furthermore, he proudly said that there is ground nearby spacious enough for a helicopter to land on. One thing you shouldn’t miss is a view, if you come, you can enjoy the panorama of the city of Tanabe and the Pacific Ocean because the cha-ya stands almost near the mountaintop.
  While we sat on logs eating lunch, we were greatly healed by the whisper of green leaves of tall trees rustling in the breeze and the cha-ya owner’s friendly face full of good intentions.

  We even had fun riding on a handmade swing hanging from a sturdy branch. Can’t this place be called a kind of “heaven”, which contains scenic beauty, a cozy atmosphere nature creates and the welcoming warmth coming from the old man.

 Oh, I almost forgot that we were on the way to Kumano Shrine, which people believe is a place where they can revive. These places must be real heaven.
 By sipping a cup of free coffee he offered, we recharged our batteries. Of course we thanked the man for his hospitality, and also were thankful for the abundance of nature and our country’s long history.
 Then we departed for the “Shiomi Toge” (Teruko)

そこで私たちは一人のご老人にたまたまでくわした。彼は昔、その茶屋を本格的に営んでいたが、今はもう閉めているという。 どうやら彼はその土地に結構、誇りをお持ちのようだ。彼いわく、立ち寄られる方どなたでももてなしてあげたいと。 
 旅人の私を彼が造ったと自慢げに、優雅に泳ぐ小さな緋鯉がたくさんいる小池に案内してくれたり、彼がかっている本当にかわいいハムスターも見せてくれた。 彼は小池のそばに、彼の先祖が大切にしていた”ひるね王子”という小さな祠を造り、日々お参りしているとのこと。


  無料のコーヒーを頂き、再びエネルギーを充電した私たちは、ご老人のもてなしに感謝をして、古の昔から残る長いこの国の歴史や自然にも心から頭を垂れつつ、潮見峠へ向かった。(森 照子)
Nejiki-no-sugi in Siomi-toge-pass ねじ木の杉と清姫伝説

 There is a historecal big cedar tree called Nejiki-no-sugi. It's about 20 meters hight and 6 meters in circumference.
 Looking up the tree, I'm overwhelmed by the odd. Shaper branches. 
There is a story of this tree.
 In the Heian era, there was a young monk called Anchin. 
 When he visited Kumano, he stayed a house. There was a young owner's daughter called Kiyohime.
  Anchin was very handsome, therefore she fell in love with him and asked him to marry her. But he didn't answer about it and said "I'll come back to see you again." Then he left for Kumano.
She had been waiting for his return. But he didn't come back. He took another way. He ran a way from her. As soon as she knew the truth, she chased and ran up to Siomi-toge pass, climed up the big cedar tree.
Finally she found him, and screamed "I'm annoyed, come back , please!"
At the end, the cedar tree twisted by her anger.
This story is a little defferent from the Dojoji-temple version. But it has been passed down since old days in this area.  (Michiko)

  平安時代、安珍という若い僧がいました。彼が熊野詣をした時、ある家に宿を借りました。その宿には清姫という若い娘がいました。安珍は大変ハンサムだったので、清姫は気に入り、「私をお嫁さんにして下さい」と言いました。 しかし、彼は熊野詣での途中であったので、すぐに返事をしませんでした。
  清姫は安珍の言葉を信じて、彼の帰りをずっと待ち続けました。けれども、いつまで待っても彼は帰ってきません。 彼は別の道を通って帰ったことを、旅の人 から聞いた時、清姫は彼を追いかけて走りはじめました。
  ある時、真砂庄の庄司が蛇を助けた所、美しい女性が現れ、嫁になって住みつき、清姫が生まれました。 安珍の鏡に映った清姫は蛇の姿であったので、驚いて逃げ出したという話も伝わっています。(山本美知子)

Siomi-Toge pass
  Sio means sea, Mi means view, Toge means hill.   
  Since Ancient times Kumano pilgrims pass from the Siomi Toge they can view Tnabe bay for the last time, the Tanabe area and going to Hongu.
  Early Showa era there were only two tea shops, but now instead of tea shops there is a rest house with a clean toilet.
  It's a great place to take a short break.
 From here on, it's all dawn hill.
  Going up hill the road is tough, so hikers think that going dawn hill will also be difficult, however the road down hill is paved in good condetion. Going dawn hill is like a walk in the park.
   I recommend to hiking in Shiomi Toge pass if you want to see the same view that the ancient people saw. (Ayumi)


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