99 Ojis in Kumano Kodo  Kii Route/ 熊野古道・紀伊路の九十九王子

Ancient Pilgrimage Road To Kumano / 熊野へのふるみち


   Kumano Pilgrimage Road is a trip over 99 Ojis of Kii Peninsula. In ancient times, many Joko (Retired Emperors) headed from Kubotsu Oji (Osaka) in Kii road to Kumano Sanzan (Hongu Shrine, Hayatama Shrine and Nachi Shrine)


   The meaning of 99 Oji is said to have been a lot of number. When the times went down and the route of Kodo changed, the place and number of Ojis have also changed.


There are two theories about Ojis of Kumano Kodo. One is the theory that it is the son of Kumano god, and the other is the the theory of the divine spirit of the Kumano god.
It is thought that the Joko walked while visiting the spiritual place which was originally secured by the people of each region.
Or, in the earlier age, it was also the road the mountain monks walkd there.(M.A)

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