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東 道 / Michi Azuma

 Hello everybody, when you will come to Kumano Kodo(ancient road to Kumano), we hope to guide you.
  You can enjoy great nature and Japanes histry in Kumano which were 2000 years ago. The mounain road is hard, but you will experience happines of your mind.
let's go Kumano Kodo with us!

皆さん、こんにちは。熊野古道に来られた  時、私たちがご案内します。


平石 保雄 / Yasuo Hiraisi
  I like mountains in the Kii Peninsula. I spent my childhood, I ran around on foot, by motorcycle or by car. You can enjyoy through the four seasons including KumanoKodo, long history, many water falls, suspension bridges, hotsprings, plenty of wild foods.
 Also, since the Kii Peninsula is a mountainousarea, it is very difficult to access by public transportation. Kumano Kodo passes through many villages, but there are mountain paths that need deep attention. We will provide you with the best plan according to your wishes including customer's pick up.


須川 由美子 / Yumiko Sugawa
  I have lived in Wakayama for 25 years. I like climbing mountains, watching seas, visiting shrines and temples. I have been charmed by the historic shrines and temples very much. I want to guide these places to the people from abroad to these places.

 My hobby is climbing mountains, singing songs, watchig seeds and flowers in the fields.
let's enjoy walking and have fun together.


 私の趣味は 、山に登ること、歌をうたうこと、野原の草花を愛でることです。一緒に歩き、楽しい時を過ごしましょう。

山本 美知子 / Michiko Yamamoto
 I was born and have brought up in Wakayama city for more than half a century.
When I was a child, I didn't notice the charms of it.
But now・・・
It has a lot of nature , delicious food such as fish and fruit, and warm weather & people・・・
I love it now!
I wish I could help your enjoyable trip.
The land of tree, faith, Kii (old name of Wakayama) is waiting for you.
Let's enjoy together!


澤田 トシ子 / Toshiko Sawada
 Hello, visitors. Welcom to Wakayama.
 Let me introduce myself. My name is Toshiko Sawada.
My nick name is Ann. Call me Ann. I'm interested in traveling Japan and abroad,going hiking,music and T'ai chi ch'uan (Taikyokuken in Japanese). T'ai chi uan is a kind of Chinese exercise of sets of slow movements which is good for health.

 I've visited various of places in foreign countries so far. And I met many people and made an unforgettable pleasant memory from there.

 Now this is my turn to guide you in Wakayama Prefecture.
In the ancient time, the pilgrims walked steep and long way in search of Buddhist paradise. I'm sure all of you get purification of mind and body by hiking through Kumano ancient pilgrimage routes. You'll get satisfied with your heart as the pilgrims in the past did.

 So why don't you join going hiking with us?
I'm looking forward to seeing you in the very near future.
Toshiko Sawada



 さあ、私たちと一緒にハイキングをしてみませんか? 近い将来、皆様にお会いできることを楽しみにしています。

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